In response to Clients’ requests for legal services in Macau jurisdiction, DSL Lawyers has started a joint venture in 2009 with PLMJ. The PLMJ & DSL Lawyers joint venture was established for professional cooperation and forms part of an international network of joint ventures set up by PLMJ, bringing together some of the most reputable and established lawyers in Portugal, several Central and Eastern European countries, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique and China. This alliance between PLMJ & DSL Lawyers provides their Clients with legal assistance from experienced lawyers in the Portuguese and greater China markets, as the case may be, with the same standards, values and skills.


It also has the advantage that a Client in any country covered by PLMJ’s International Network can be assisted by local professionals in another country with the same quality of service.

This professional cooperation is based on the specialized, qualified and personalized nature of the legal services it provides, as well as on the experience and knowledge of the local market, which are only possible with a local office and local lawyers.

The joint venture places particular emphasis on the reciprocal training of its professionals and setting up events that foster an investment exchange between the countries involved. The PLMJ & DSL Lawyers joint venture preserves the legal professional and ethical independence of the offices involved in full compliance with the statutes of the Portuguese and Macau’s Bar Association.