Values and Driven Practice




Our lawyers are committed to their Clients’ needs and problems, making available the time and resources required for the completion of any deal or for the right business decision to be taken in a timely manner at the right moment.


We know our Clients and we know their needs. Our lawyers have acquired a long time experience at DSL and previously with other firms, with deep legal insight of the main Macau industries and the international players within the same. Such experience makes the difference and is recognized by our Clients.



Communication Skills

Language skills are an obvious advantage and our people are entirely fluent in Portuguese, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, who also master, on an individual basis, German, French and Spanish.

Partners driven practice

The involvement of partners at different levels of practice, as main contact points to Clients, and the supervision and monitoring of other lawyers’ and staff work allows high quality service and reliability of results. The structure of the practice in teams led by each partner also promotes a healthy growth, supported by solid procedures.