IP Legal Alert: DSE renamed as DSEDT

The Economic Bureau (also known by its acronym DSE’), the entity that, in Macau, acts as IP Office for all matters related to prosecution of intellectual property rights, has changed its name to Economic and Technological Development Bureau (or ‘DSEDT’), in accordance with Regulation No. 45/2020.
This change affects the contents and admissibility of Powers-of-Attorney, assignment agreements and other documents executed after 1st of February 2021, which shall refer to the Bureau’s new name.
Any documentation previously submitted for pending or completed cases, remains valid and shall not be replaced.
Furthermore, any Power-of-Attorney executed prior to the said cut-off date (1st of February 2021) will still be admissible for any new applications or additional records.
All applicants and interested parties shall note that all drafts provided or circulated previously are now superseded and shall be replaced by drafts referring to the Bureau’s new name.
Should you need any assistance on the matter stated above, please contact Carlos D. Simões or Angela Reais of the IP Department.

Photo retrieved from DSEDT, all copyrights reserved.*